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Marc R. Williams 

President & CEO

Housing Consultant 

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About Marc 

Marc Williams is commitment to improving the experience of first time home buyers in Florida. His initiatives are deeply rooted in educational seminars on homeownership and foreclosure prevention and have empowered individuals to take decisive control over their financial futures. This fosters a culture of informed decision-making and self-reliance among prospective homeowners.


At the core of Marc's philosophy is the belief that understanding and accessing down payment resources is essential for transparency in the home-buying process. Through the creation of Let's Go DPA Pro, he has meticulously crafted a platform that serves as an invaluable resource for both homebuyers and housing professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of securing downpayment assistance. This initiative reflects Marc's broader vision of

simplifying the path to homeownership, making it a tangible reality for a wider population.


Further extending his influence, Marc has developed and managed a comprehensive housing center. His initiative was designed to provide prospective families with a full spectrum of services needed to achieve the highest level of success in homeownership. From educational workshops that cover the intricacies of the homeownership process to personalized consultations that tailor down payment

strategies to individual needs, Marc's efforts are focused on building a foundation of knowledge and confidence among aspiring homeowners.

Marc's leadership extends beyond educational endeavors. He has played a critical role in monitoring and implementing advanced homeownership programs that offer the public insightful guidance on a range of housing concerns. His collaboration with NeighborWorks America® has ensured the continuous progress and effectiveness of these initiatives. Moreover, his analytical prowess in financial management has enabled him to oversee significant projects with budgetary oversight exceeding $700 million, showcasing his ability to navigate the fiscal aspects of real estate and homeownership with unparalleled expertise.


Marc Williams' featured presence on platforms like MGIC's LoanOfficer HUB underscores his stature as a thought leader in the industry. His multifaceted contributions to the real estate sector nationwide have not only transformed the landscape of homeownership but have also set a new standard for excellence and accessibility in the field. His work continues to inspire and enable countless individuals to navigate the journey to homeownership with confidence and success.

Speaking Engagements

Work Experience and Accomplishments  

Real Estate Market
  • Development and outreach for all stages of the lending process from assisting with applications, conducting financial underwriting, preparing documents, and counseling borrowers, for the purpose of restructuring of loans as needed.


  • Offered viable affordable housing programs that evaluated an individuals’ overall financial health, credit-readiness, and assessed their home ownership readiness.


  • Internally helped to manage over 900 million dollars in serviced loans.


  • Created database to assist local developers, such as Cornerstone Group Inc, Pinnacle Housing, Gaita Enterprises, Lennar, and Shoma Homes to access mortgage ready buyers in need of affordable housing.


  • Assisted in analysis that identified the benefits of affordable housing to both the private and public sectors of South Florida.


  • Created detailed homeownership material to be offered in English, Spanish, and Creole. Counseled clients on credit repair, wealth building techniques, budgeting, financial fitness, pre-foreclosure prevention, rehabilitation, and home maintenance counseling.


  • Managed the capital expenditure policy and reporting system of over 5 million-dollars.


  • Prequalified and educated over 10,000 clients in Homebuyer Education and Financial Workshops. Created and managed 8-hour Homebuyer Education Workshops to educate homebuyers on the homeownership process. Additionally, created grant writing procedures that employed 30 counselors.


  • Masters in International Real Estate & Bachelors of Science in Political Science


  • Licensed Realtor and Mortgage Originator


  • Professional Certificate for Homeownership and Community Lending

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