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Upcoming Events 

We can’t wait to meet you. Specializing in downpayment resource guidance, Marc’s curated events are designed to enlighten and empower future homeowners like you. Through workshops, seminars, and webinars, the process of finding and utilizing downpayment assistance programs along with other housing intricacies is made transparent, making your path to homeownership less daunting and more accessible.

Get Qualified For Housing Assistance. TODAY!

Learn about homeownership from getting qualified to finding a home. 

Register Today - 786.525.5835

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Do you have homeowner's  insurance coverage?

Contact a leading insurance professional who will educate you on your policy. 

Protecting your home with the accurate insurance coverage. 

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Webinars & Seminars

Get Educated Home Buying, Financial Fitness, Building Wealth and more...

How to Grow Wealth & Create a Financial Plan

Home School
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Monthly Highlighted Partners

Click below to register for upcoming events that provide certification and educate realtors. 

Being a realtor means staying abreast of the real estate market and getting educated. 

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Current Events 

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