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Real Estate 

In the rapidly evolving real estate landscape, Marc Williams is a distinguished housing consultant, leveraging his deep expertise as a licensed realtor and mortgage loan officer. Marc provides comprehensive assistance throughout the entire home buying process, from locating your dream home to navigating the complexities of getting a mortgage. His guidance is grounded in understanding the market's fluctuations, including significant surges in condo sales and remarkable value increases in single-family homes.


Marc's approach is holistic, covering all stages of the lending process— from application assistance and financial underwriting to document preparation and borrower counseling. This ensures that clients are well-prepared for any market conditions, whether they're looking to buy or sell. His background in restructuring loans as necessary adds another layer of depth to his consultancy services, demonstrating a commitment to client success.


With oversight of over 900 million dollars in serviced loans, Marc's expertise is not just theoretical but backed by substantial experience in managing significant financial portfolios. Marc's educational background, with a Masters in International Real Estate and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, further enriches his ability to offer strategic advice in the real estate domain. His professional certifications in Homeownership and Community Lending solidify his standing as a trusted advisor.


Clients seeking to navigate the real estate market's inherent challenges will find in Marc Williams not just a consultant but a strategic partner committed to their success. Whether forecasting market trends or analyzing financial options, Marc's expertise ensures clients are equipped to make informed decisions in their real estate endeavors.

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